How to Bid on Auctions

This year we’ve adopted a new auction system where you can bid on your auctions directly in the Headshots from the Heart chat designed by awesome organizer Ben Brown. We hope that everybody finds it an simple process and it should make things easier for us all!

Step 1: Register

Click “Join the Chat” on’s main page or below in this post:



Join the Chat

Click the Orange “Register!” Button.



Enter first name, last name and e-mail address. Click “Register”. If you want to sign up for our infrequent email newsletter and get updates around the year, check the box!




Click “Join the Chat”.


Step 2: Verify your Registration

You will receive a verification code in your email.  YOU NEED THIS CODE TO BE ABLE TO BID ON AUCTIONS.   If you didn’t receive your e-mail, please check your Junk Mail folder.

Choose a nickname (a name other people can see) and click “Connect”.


After you connect to the chat, enter your e-mail and the verification code. Click Verify. 


You know you have done it correctly when in a 2nd chat window named “AuctionHouse” pops up and you see this message.

good verification


To return to the regular #headshotsmarathon chat, click #headshotsmarathon at the bottom of the chat window.



Step 3: Bid Away

To see a list of silent auctions with keywords and the current live auction, type : !auctions or click “Auction Schedule” button.

auction list   auctionschbutton

To bid on the current live auction, type: !bid <bid amount>



To bid on a silent auction, type: /msg AuctionHouse bid <keyword> <bid amount>

silent auction



If you have any questions, please click the “Help” button  , ask in the chat, or e-mail us at Happy Bidding!


The Players of 2014

What does it take to play a video game for twenty four hours straight without breaks? If you said not much, then you would be wrong.  My name is Amanda Garbe and I am one of the original Headshots from the Heart players and current Operations Manager and Duchess of Dispatch for the event.  I tell you this only so that you know; I speak with experience about what it takes to be one of our players. It’s a epic boss fight you never forget and always remember with a hazy vagueness around hour ten to twenty four. It is a geeky badge of honor that I wear with pride.


Bread Baron

Despite what you may have heard, gamers cannot live on chips alone. We’ve got plenty of chips and soda, as well as cookies and baked goods for the community and our mums, but sometimes we just need some good,  healthy, local food. This year our volunteers and guests will be enjoying healthy wraps and smoothies from Bread Baron Sandwiches, and we’re really looking forward to it.


Mean Screens

There’s something really special about putting on the shirt for your charity event. It makes you feel like you’re part of something larger than yourself, probably not unlike putting on a sports jersey or uniform. It says I”m not just a person doing a thing, I’m a person who’s part of a thing.”  It’s a great feeling, and it’s one that’s made possible for us by Mean Screens Custom Screen Printing.


Quid Vis

quid vis logoSometimes the hardest the thing about cos-playing can be those pesky details like quality emblems that truly complete your costume in style. Never fear because today’s sponsor highlight of Quid Vis has a solution for you; whether you a Mass Effect fan, Attack on Titan Otaku or a Whovian.  Quid Vis, is the creative brain child of dynamic duo Gideon and Ellome from Sacramento, CA.  The ultimate partnership, this engaged couple combine the artistic talents of Gideon with the practical business knowledge of Ellome to form a Megazord of awesomeness.