Most Wanted

Pandora’s most wanted list showcases some of the best folks in the world!
People who are pledging and donating to our event to bring joy to sick kids in hospitals.
We salute you, because you rock and we couldn’t do this without you!
If you would like to pledge please visit our pledge page, or donate directly on our donation page.

The Generous Patrons of the G33k Art Show
The Generous Patrons of Nerd Nite Kitchener Waterloo
Jim T.
Katrina M.
Gail G.
Eric M.
Debbie M.
In Memory of John R.
Jes B.
Jill S.
Christy and Mark W.
Amanda G.
Alex M.
Chris M.
Dan T.
Lor G.
Ben S.
Julian S.
Gareth E.
Nicholas D.
Ian M.
Gietz C.
Bert G.
Sam B.
Lynda M.
Lord S.
Jon B.
Jonas J.
Rob S.
Rebecca W.
Magnus V.
Kevin L.
Edmund A.
Mike B.
Joe B.
Mikael C.
Rod C.
Eugene G.
Dylan H.
Steve J.
Rob M.
Andrew M.
Chris M.
Brent W.
Bryan W.
Oriana W.
Scott L.
 Rachel M.
Mr. ModSuperStar
Lor G.
Mark T.
Joel H.
 Eleni T.
 Ben B.
Thomas B.
Alicia R.
Pongo S.
Robyn C. 
Ryan N.
Kingsley H.
Nick D.
John N.
Martin M.
Matt T.