LAN Party

Mad MoxxiHelp children heal by joining our LAN party on the day of the event. We have 120 spots, and every member of the LAN party will be placed into a draw to join the main event for half an hour, so your Headshots can earn funds for kids. This page has all the information you’ll need to  participate, including

Details and Guidelines

The LAN party starts at 12:00pm on Saturday, May 18th, at Kwartzlab (33 Kent Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario). It runs until 1:00pm on Sunday, May 19th. We want to keep the guidelines simple, so in short, be nice and have fun.

  • Respect the Space: We’re guests at Kwartzlab, and that means we can wander their space, use their consoles, stream, but it also means we shouldn’t spill orange juice on their laser cutter. Be mindful that you’re a guest, and act accordingly. 
  • Respect Each Other: Gaming can make emotions run high, we all know that, but it’s important to treat each other with respect at Headshots. This isn’t the chat on Xbox live.
  • Keep it Kid Friendly: This means no drinking, no violating the law, and the hard one, no cursing. If you feel the need to swear, we recommend substituting something from this convenient list.
  • Resolving Disputes: The official Headshots from the Heart method of dispute resolution is to Hug It Out. Hugs only occur if both sides consent to the act of hugging, and are the province of our Minister of Hugs. Hugs will go on as long as they have to, and will likely be on camera.
  • This is all we ask. Please abide by the guidelines and help us have a safe and fun event, or we’ll have to kick you out. Nobody wants that.

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How to Join

1. Fundraise

Raise $50 for Child’s Play. You can direct people to the site to donate through the widget, or print out these snazzy flyers. The QR code will take your donors directly to our mobile widget. 100% of the funds you raise go to Child’s Play and to helping children’s hospitals. This is the important part. In the message portion of the donation, make sure your donor enters your email address. This is how we’ll know the funds are from you, and to contact you. When you’ve raised $50, we’ll contact you for the next step.

2. Sign Up

Once you’ve raised the funds, you can come for as long as you like! We’ll contact you and get you to register for one of our segment giveaways! We have six segments, each featuring a different giveaway and theme game, but bring what you like, including board games or even D&D! When we contact you, we’ll ask you to sign up for one. You can change which segment you’d like by emailing us, until May 16, when we’ll lock them in and send you your final invitation with all the details you’ll need for the party, including any codes and download links for the theme games. Remember, in order to win the giveaway for that segment, you have to be registered and present! No absentee ballots! You’re welcome to stay for as many segments as you like, as long as we have room!

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Don’t stop at $50, and you could be one of our Badasses! The top 4 fundraisers in every segment will get some special perks, and instead of being entered in the draw to join the players in the main event, they’ll be guaranteed a spot.

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What to Bring

The LAN Extravaganza is old school, which means you bring your own computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headset or speakers. We have all the necessary ports and plugs, but make sure you bring your cables too! Our Claptraps will be ready to help you get your rig to your seat, so you won’t have to wander looking for a spot. Not a PC gamer? Bring your favourite boardgame, or just bring yourself and play Rock Band in our Spike|Mobile Console Lounge!

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What We’re Playing, When

Only our three players are expected to play for the full 24 hours. The LAN Extravaganza is divided into 6 segments, each with its own game and theme. You can sign up for one segment for every $50 you raise, and since all the money goes to kids, you should feel free to come to more than one.


May 18th, 12:00pm-4:00pm

Dota 2 logoWhat does a hero truly need? A strong arm, swift wits, and a good heart. As a member of the Vanguard of the Sacred Bacon, all three will be tested, as our LAN party opens with four hours of Dota 2! We’ll include a key with your final invitation to the Vanguard, and you’ll be able to command your heroes against friend and enemy alike!


May 18th, 4:30pm-7:30pm

Team Fortress 2The afternoon brings rockets, needle guns, and mayhem as the Dimestore Desperadoes team up or take each other on in Team Fortress 2! Will you support your team as an Engineer, slip around the battlefield as the Spy, or take up the Heavy’s chain gun and make your enemies cry some more? Bring your best hat, to win our TF2 Best Hat contest!

OverpoweredMay 18th, 8:00pm-11:30pm

League of Legends LogoThings get serious in the evening when the Overpowered Academy takes to Riot Games League of Legends, one of the most popular competitive games in the world. Who’s your hero of choice, and how will you work with your team to destroy the enemy base? We would have added more here, but were too busy pinging the team to cover bot…Nevermind. Join the Overpowered Academy, and lead us to victory!

InsomniaMay 19th, 12:00am-6:00am 

Minecraft logoFor hard core gamers only, the overnight shift at the Insomnia Factory will have them building and developing a city in Pandora (Some Assembly Required), our Minecraft server. From building challenges to arena matches, our hosts will tax their endurance and test their wits for some great prizes! Do you love to build and break? Then you might have what it takes to work the overnight in the Insomnia Factory.


May 19th, 6:30am-9:30am 

League of Legends LogoGreeting the dawn is our Sunrise Samurai, noble warriors who brave the daystar for the sake of gaming and children. they’ll be playing some early morning League of Legends, because it’s a game so good it deserves an encore. Charge around the battlefield dismantling foes as you enjoy your morning coffee, and relish the sensation of dominating mid for children’s hospitals.


May 19th, 10:00am-1:00am

Torchlight 2 LogoClosing out the event, the Final Dimension will venture deep into dungeons, slaying monsters and looting treasure brought to you by Runic Games Torchlight  II. We’ll send you a code in your final invitation for a free copy of this great game. Join us and be there as the final headshots are tallied, and there’ll be a special prize for the person who reaches the highest level by the end of the event!

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We have $1100 in awesome gear and prizes to give away at the LAN! Here are just some of the great items up for grabs! Remember, in order to win the segment giveaway, you have to be registered for that segment AND be present at the event when we do the draw.

Vault Hunter Dice bags Cards Against Humanity Torchlight 2 Cover Art
 3H USB Headsetsteelseries-6gv2-red-switch-us_retail-box-imagesiberiaredheadset
Also, one of our LAN guests will win a copy of the Distinguished Gamer pack! This set of SteelSeries pro gear will help you bring your best to any event! Armed with a Red Switch Keyboard,Siberia Headset (red)Kinzu Pro edition mouse and QcK mousepad, all built to provide you with raw performance, durability, and special features designed to up your actions per minute and give you an edge. And you’ll look good while doing it, wearing these Mage Studio cufflinks! You’re sure to wow all your competition and your friends when your roll in with this stylish setup. You do not need to be present to win the distinguished gamer pack. Unlike our segment draws, we’re drawing out of the whole party for this one.

steelseries-6gv2-red-switch-us_retail-box-image siberiaredheadset Kinzu v2 Pro Silver Mouse
mousepad Mage Studio Dice Cufflinks

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Other Awesome Things

Every segment will have awesome activities going on, and there’ll be interviews, a chance to bid on auction items, as well as some LAN only giveaways. But maybe you’re a console gamer, a tabletop gamer, or a board gamer. We love you. We’re all those things too, and in the future we want to have more room to accommodate your hobbies. This year we’ll have a board game table, as well as the SpikeMobile Console lounge that will be open for most of the event. Each table in our LAN party has four seats, so if you and three friends raise enough funds, come and use the table for whatever you like (within the guidelines. Pretty please). What matters is helping kids, not what games we’re playing.

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How to Spread the Word

Tell everyone. The more people we have, the more fun you’ll have, and the more money those hospitals will get.

We hope to see you there!

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