Gaming Extravaganza

It wouldn’t be Headshots from the Heart without gamers from the community coming together to help kids. Last year saw gamers from all over southern Ontario come to Kwartzlab to play for charity, and this year we want to make it even better. You can buy tickets right now, or read further to find out what this is all about. At the Gaming Extravaganza we hope to bring together all kinds of gamers to have fun, stay up all night, and do what they love to do for charity. In addition for a chance at giveaways, everyone will get a shot in our Community Chair, where their headshots are live on the stream and count toward our total! Don’t feel like video games? Feel free to partake of the multitude of board games available to play or bring your own to game the night away.

Details and Guidelines

The LAN party starts at 4:00pm on Saturday, May 3, at Kwartzlab (33 Kent Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario). It runs until 1:00pm on Sunday, May 19th. We want to keep the guidelines simple, so in short, be nice and have fun.

  • Respect the Space: We’re guests at Kwartzlab, and that means we can wander their space, use their consoles, stream, but it also means we shouldn’t spill orange juice on their laser cutter. Be mindful that we are guests, and act accordingly. 
  • Respect Each Other: Gaming can make emotions run high, we all know that, but it’s important to treat each other with respect at Headshots. This isn’t the chat on Xbox live.
  • Keep it Kid Friendly: This means no drinking, no violating the law, and the hard one, no cursing. If you feel the need to swear, we recommend substituting something from this convenient list.
  • Resolving Disputes: The official Headshots from the Heart method of dispute resolution is to Hug It Out. Hugs only occur if both sides consent to the act of hugging, and are the province of our Minister of Hugs. Hugs will go on as long as they have to, and will likely be on camera.
  • This is all we ask. Please abide by the guidelines and help us have a safe and fun event, or we’ll have to kick you out. Nobody wants that.

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Things to Do

At last year’s LAN party we had guests bringing PCs and playing all kinds of games, from DayZ to League of Legends to Torchlight II, and we’re still set up for people to bring their own computer for some old school LAN party fun. We’ve also got prizes, giveaways, fun and party games of our own, as well as a mammoth collection of board games and card games for people to play in the long hours of the evening.

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Headshots from the Heart Badass trophy

Trophy design by Intelligent Designs

Ticket Information

We have a bunch of different ticket levels this year, with associated rewards to recognize our awesome gamers. We can’t thank everyone enough for their support, and we want to give them the best experience we can.

$50: The Regular O’l Ticket

This gets you into the party from 4pm May 3 all the way through to 1pm May 4, and gets you a pretty wicked laser trophy to boot. That’s right, laser trophy, because at Headshots from the Heart, even our regular people are badasses.

$75: The Shirt Off Our Back

Sometimes a laser trophy isn’t enough. Along with the ticket and trophy, these warriors get their very own Headshots 2014 t-shirt. We’ll likely give a few away during the event, but this is a chance to get one that’s perfectly sized and without any fuss. As a free bonus option, donors may elect to have their shirt decorated by small children with glitter pens.

$100: 3D Printed Awesomeness

Hylian CrestOne of our biggest hits at last year’s gaming party was the Kwartzlab 3d printer, which our Emissary kept hot the during the entire event, making TARDISes, Vault symbols, and Hylian Crests. This is a chance to get a custom figure of your own, a keepsake to remember this year’s event. Choose one of the above options, or give us an idea! All figures will be about 1″ x 1″, and they’ll be waiting for you upon arrival, along with your t-shirt and laser trophy (did you think you weren’t getting a laser trophy?).

$150: The Ultra Badass

Headshots from the Heart Ultra Badass trophy

Trophy design by Intelligent Designs

This is the big one, and the biggest show of support we felt we could ask for. For their $150 donation to the event, our Ultra Badasses will get a laser trophy, a t-shirt, a 3d printed object of their choice that is also within reason, as well as our Ultra Badass trophy. They’ll also be feted at our event, possibly with a paper hat. At their option, Their names may also become a slang term for things that are cool at Headshots 2014 and from then on.

We really hope you’re able to join us for the gaming extravaganza. We’ve got a lot of great stuff planned, and we want to take every opportunity to recognize the gamers who’ve become the backbone of our event. Proceeds from the Gaming Extravaganza will go toward making Headshots from the Heart possible, and helping kids all over the world play games, just like our gamers will during the event. So if you like kids, helping people, games, or lasers, I hope we’ll see you there.

Buy Tickets

Also, there are only 25 seats available, so get your ticket fast!

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