Gaming Expo

So we’ve got a 24 hour live stream and an all night gaming party, but that isn’t enough. We want to play games with everyone, so we’ll be open to the public from 1:00 to 3:00 on Saturday, May 3! We’ll have game and tech demos, a board game library, and a full on game of Artemis, as well as the opportunity to hop on the stream and play for the real deal! We’ll be down at Kwartzlab, at 33 Kent Avenue in Kitchener, so bring some friends and come visit!

Board Gaming

From King of Tokyo to Story War, we have a collection of board games the likes of which few have seen, and we want you to come and play. Grab some friends, a table, and a game and sit down to play. Expect us to occasionally harass you with giveaways though, because we’ve got some great sponsors supporting us this year.

Artemis, spaceship bridge simulatorArtemis

Ever dreamed of being captain of the Enterprise D? You’ll get your chance. Artemis is a starship bridge simulator, where players take on the role of weapons, helm, sensors, and more, while the captain takes responsibility for coordinating the team and leading everyone to victory. Try your hand in engineering or take a seat at communications, and explore the stars with your crew.


Evolve: the Game of Unnatural Selection pits a creature of your creation against nature itself. Fight, hunt, mate, and adapt in order to survive. Whose creature will be the last one standing? You can find out! Evolve co-creator Ryan Consell will be on hand to demo the game and help you guide your species to success!

Oculus RiftOculus Rift

Maybe space travel isn’t your thing, so how about virtual reality? We’ll have an Oculus Rift there, and you’ll be able to explore virtual spaces, get a tour of the solar system or just hit the theme park, all from the front room at the lab.

So we hope to see you on May 3 from 1-3 in the afternoon! To get some more time with some of these wicked games, join our all night gaming party, and play until the break of dawn!