Who are you?

Headshots from the Heart is an online telethon where a team of four players will play through as much of Borderlands as they can in a twenty-four hour period and encourage viewers to donate to Child’s Play, a charity which provides toys and video games to children’s hospitals around the world, and are beginning a pilot program to provide a similar service to domestic violence shelters.

Check out our crew page to get a look at the people who are making this event possible.

What is Child’s Play?

“Child’s Play is a Seattle based, gamer-run organization that holds an annual toy drive for childrens’ hospitals. Many of the gifts donated by gamers are, as you might imagine, age appropriate videogames and gaming systems – but they are by no means the only things donated. We received eager donations of coloring books, art supplies, crafts, movies, cartoons, virtually anything a young person could ask for. We asked the world-wide community of gamers, and they gave so much we had to move to larger storage facilities three separate times.” via Child’s Play Official Website

Are you affiliated with Child’s Play?

We are an independent group of gamers with no affiliation with the Child’s Play organization, other than authorization to run an event in support of their charity.

Is there a monetary benefit for Headshots from the Heart?

Headshots from the Heart, uses no monetary donations towards setup costs, publicity or any miscellaneous costs. All money goes directly to the Child’s Play Charity. Any services or product donations to be used for the event are arranged before donation at the donor’s discretion.

How will my donations get to Child’s Play?

Donations are made through the official Child’s Play widget, which uses Paypal, one of the most secure online payment methods, allowing your to go money directly to Child’s Play at the moment you donate.

Have you played Borderlands before?

We play a lot of games, but are by no means pro gamers. Our team of players trains for an event that will test both their skill and their endurance, but mostly we play the game for fun, in the support of a great cause, and sometimes sleep deprived hilarity.

Why Headshots?

Headshots are the mark of skill in any shooter, the most desirable outcome. They represent the best in effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to dispatching foes. We could have set any bar for pledges, but we wanted to set it high, and earn the funds with our skill as gamers. In every aspect of life we expect the best from each other, and this ought to be no different in play, so we at Headshots from the Heart are making a commitment not just to play for the full marathon, but give you the best game we can, because it’s worth it.

Is this event child friendly?

The Borderlands 2 game itself is rated Mature (17+) and does contain violence. For more information about this rating please visit ESRB Ratings Guide.
We are all adults at this event and we are endeavouring to keep all conversation and topics as child friendly as possible. But we always advise that you tune into the event with your child if you are concerned.
Mature Rating

Is there anything I can do to help?

Absolutely! We have a whole page devoted to how you can help us out by donating in kind, making crafts, volunteering, coming to our all night gaming extravaganza, or just helping spread the news!